Glass: From Past, to Present, to Future

Alexa Stevens

5 Reasons To Choose Glass Doors For Your Retail Store

Your storefront provides the first impression customers have of your retail store, so it's important to choose something that will stand out and be inviting. That's why it's important to choose a durable yet attractive door. Glass doors offer a number of advantages over other types of doors, making them popular with many retail owners. Here are five reasons why you sh

No Broken Glass? Signs You Need Auto Glass Repair

Just because you don't see physical cracks and other damages in your car's windshield or other auto glass doesn't mean you don't need auto glass repair. You can get this service done at your auto glass shop, maybe for cheaper than you'd think. Auto insurance often pays for windshield replacement or at least helps cover the cost, so you can have your vehicle back in sa

Break Bathroom Boredom By Installing A Glass Shower Enclosure

If your bathroom looks dated and boring, it may be time to consider installing a glass shower enclosure to breathe new life into the room. Glass shower enclosures can take your bathroom to a new level by providing instant beauty and giving a modern look to an outdated bathroom.  Increase visual space Standard showers with doors and curtains can reduce the visual

Replacing Your Car's Damaged Windshield

If your car's windshield has suffered extensive damage, it may be necessary to fully replace it. Replacing a windshield can be a major project, but it is common for individuals to have limited experience with making this type of repair to their vehicles. As a result, there are many basic questions that car owners will have concerning this type of repair work. How Is T

Benefits Of Having A Professional Shop Patch Windshield Chips

If you have a chip on your windshield, responding quickly is the best way to minimize damage and thus keep cracks from developing. You just want to have these chips patched over by a professional shop as they can do a couple of things. Prepare Chips in a Safe and Effective Manner  Before you can patch over a chip on your windshield, it has to be treated