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Why Dirt Can Complicate A Windshield Repair Job

If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, you may want to ignore it and hope it doesn't worsen. However, this is a risky move, as even a tiny crack can compromise your windshield's structural integrity and reduce your visibility on the road. Moreover, dirt getting into the crack or chip can make the repair process more complex and less effective. If your crack has become very dirty, you might wonder how a windshield repair contractor will fix your windshield.

Why Dirt Makes Windshield Repair More Difficult

Dirt can interfere with the repair process in several ways:

  1. It can prevent the resin from bonding properly with the glass, creating air bubbles and weak spots
  2. It can affect the appearance of the repair, making it more noticeable and unsightly
  3. It can reduce the strength of the repair, making it more likely to fail or crack again

Fortunately, a windshield repair technician can still repair your windshield in many cases.

How to Have Your Windshield Repaired

The sooner you get your windshield repaired, the less chance dirt has to accumulate in the crack or chip. Ideally, getting your windshield repaired quickly would be best.

Avoid washing your car. Washing your car can force more dirt and water into the crack or chip, making it harder to clean and repair. If you must wash your vehicle, avoid using high-pressure hoses or sprays near the damaged area.

When You Can't Repair Your Windshield Fast Enough

If you can't get your windshield repaired immediately, you can cover the crack or chip with clear tape or a windshield repair kit. This can help prevent dirt and prevent the damage from spreading further. However, this is only a temporary solution, and you should still get your windshield repaired as soon as possible.

Don't Repair Your Windshield Yourself

While some DIY windshield repair kits are available on the market, they may not be able to remove all the dirt from the crack or chip or provide a lasting and quality repair. A professional windshield repair technician has the tools and skills to clean and repair your windshield properly and safely. They can also advise you on whether your windshield can be fixed.

Don't let dirt or debris ruin your windshield repair. Follow these tips and contact a reputable windshield repair service, and a technician will be able to save your windshield. For more information on windshield repair, contact a professional near you.