Glass: From Past, to Present, to Future

When Are You Required To Repair Damaged Commercial Windows?

As a business owner, keeping your office and storefront in perfect shape is paramount. Your commercial windows are among the first things that most prospective customers see when they come to your premises. This happens because most commercial windows are usually large and visible. It's therefore important to pay attention to your commercial windows, especially if you

Auto Glass Repair: Separating Fact From Fiction

When it comes to the world of auto repairs, there are few specialties that are as clouded by myths as the specialty of auto glass repair. Thankfully, once you are able to separate the facts from the fiction, determining your need for professional auto glass repairs or replacement will be a rather easy decision to make.  Myth: Using your insurance coverage to pay

3 Reasons To Let A Professional Install A Bathroom Mirror For You

A bathroom remodeling is an easy and effective way to transform your home's interior. The extent of the remodeling depends on how much transformation you need and your budget. The bathroom mirror is a fundamental component of the remodeling process because it helps enhance your room's interior decor. It reflects the beauty and style of the entire bathroom and also its

3 Smart Approaches To Automotive Rock Chips

Rock chips are an unwanted but fairly common automotive problem to deal with — especially if you drive on roads that haven't been properly cared for. If you approach repairing them the right way though, you can greatly limit their impact.  Be Careful About DIY Repair Kits The idea of fixing this rock chip on your glass windshield yourself may sound appealing as i

Use These Auto Glass Tips To Avoid A Trip To The Repair Shop

You have probably put some thought into performing maintenance on your vehicle on a regular basis, but one aspect of your car that you might have overlooked if you are like many vehicle owners is your auto glass. Your windshield needs you to be just as thoughtful about it as you are about what's under the hood. To that end, here are some tips to keep in mind that can