Glass: From Past, to Present, to Future

Break Bathroom Boredom By Installing A Glass Shower Enclosure

If your bathroom looks dated and boring, it may be time to consider installing a glass shower enclosure to breathe new life into the room. Glass shower enclosures can take your bathroom to a new level by providing instant beauty and giving a modern look to an outdated bathroom. 

Increase visual space

Standard showers with doors and curtains can reduce the visual space in a bathroom. This can be even more noticeable in a small bathroom but also makes a larger bathroom appear smaller or cluttered. Installing a glass shower enclosure makes the most of the visual space in any size bathroom by creating an open and spacious look.

Show off your tile

Beautiful tile should never be hidden and traditional shower stalls hide tile behind opaque doors and shower curtains. If you find an attractive tile pattern you want to show off, installing it along with a glass shower enclosure will keep your tile in full view. This makes it easy to decorate your bathroom using tile as the focal point in the room.

Glass is durable

Glass shower enclosures are built to last. The glass is thicker than standard shower doors. Little to no metal is used in the construction, which means you will not have to worry about rust or corrosion marring your new shower enclosure.

Enhance other bathroom accents

Glass shower enclosures provide a great backdrop for other bathroom accents. Glass creates a perfectly reflective surface if you want to use candles in bathroom decorating to create a relaxing spa-like appearance. Glass does not distract from other accent pieces like solid shower doors or shower curtains do. Glass matches everything, so you never have to worry about your mirrors or vanity matching your shower.

Easy to clean

Frame-less glass shower enclosures make cleaning a breeze because there are no seals or areas where soap and water can invade and build up to create bathroom grime. You can use a standard glass cleaner or a squeegee and water to keep your shower doors looking as good as the day you had them installed.

Glass shower enclosures are a popular trend in bathrooms today and will likely continue to trend in bathroom remodeling in the future. Not only do they create amazing aesthetic appeal, but they also make a bathroom appear spacious and modern. If you do just one thing to refresh an outdated bathroom, a glass shower enclosure will make a big difference.

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