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How Safe Is A Glass Shower Enclosure?

About 235,000 people get injured in the bathroom when showering or bathing. Therefore, you want to ensure everything you add to your bathroom promotes safety. Glass shower enclosures are a valuable upgrade that gives a modern and appealing look. But are they safe? 

Safety Precautions of Glass Shower Enclosures

There are a lot of safety precautions considered during the manufacturing and installation of glass shower enclosures. Federal codes mandate that glass shower enclosures be made of tempered safety glass.

Tempered glass is treated under extreme heat and cooling cycles, making it almost five times stronger than regular glass. They also have an additional safety feature in that when they shatter. The glass disintegrates into small rounded pieces, which are less harmful. This is unlike ordinary glass, which disintegrates into sharp shards when it breaks.

Besides the manufacturing requirements, you can ensure you buy a safe glass shower enclosure by following these tips.

1. Buy Your Glass Shower Enclosure From a Reputable and Trustworthy Supplier

The manufacturing process of tempered glass is important and impacts how safe it is. Therefore, choose an enclosure from a reputable, reliable, and trustworthy supplier while shopping. Before buying, consider the thickness of the glass. Thicker glass is better. Also, ensure you choose the right size of the enclosure depending on the space of your bathroom. You can seek advice from a glass company on the best enclosure size. 

2. Seek Professional Installation

Most people have focused on other users' complaints about shattering glass shower enclosures. You can enhance the durability of your glass shower enclosure and promote safety by following through with a professional installation. Although it may cost more compared to self-installation, experts will install the shower enclosure to the highest standard, holding it in place.

Experienced glass experts have the necessary equipment to handle the installation. They also have experience and can install the glass without it hitting other surfaces or dragging it. Since they have the right training, they use strategies like leaving corner covers of the glass to avoid damage.

3. Have Experts Conduct Regular Inspections 

Frequently schedule regular shower enclosure inspections to have an expert look at the enclosure, and discover underlying issues. While shattering glass shower enclosures happens unexpectedly, there is always a reason, and regular inspection can shed light on these possible reasons.

A common reason glass enclosures shatter is wear and tear due to friction, moisture, and other factors. You should also pay attention to any cracks you see when squeegeeing your door and get in touch with a glass service.

Your concern about the safety of glass shower enclosures is valid. Note that they are completely safe, and you should have an expert inspect the enclosure often to catch issues on time.  For more information on glass shower enclosures, contact a professional near you.