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3 Smart Approaches To Automotive Rock Chips

Rock chips are an unwanted but fairly common automotive problem to deal with — especially if you drive on roads that haven't been properly cared for. If you approach repairing them the right way though, you can greatly limit their impact. 

Be Careful About DIY Repair Kits

The idea of fixing this rock chip on your glass windshield yourself may sound appealing as it gives you the chance to save money. You want to be cautious about this, especially as it relates to DIY repair kits. Not all rock chip situations are ideal for a DIY approach.

Sometimes a chip can have cracks that extend a good way from the point of impact. If you have some of these larger cracks, then a DIY solution probably isn't ideal. Instead, it's best to have the rock chip looked at by a glass repair shop.

Put Vehicle in a Shielded Area

If you plan on having this rock chip or chips addressed at a later date, then while you wait, put your vehicle in some area where it will be completely protected from outside elements.

If you just left your vehicle outside, what can happen is dirt and water get around the rock chip and actually make the structural damage worse. Whereas if the vehicle is shielded from these sorts of elements, most of the time the chip will remain the same size and that buys you some time as far as having it fixed. 

Avoid Poor Road Conditions

Once the initial rock chip or chips are dealt with and your windshield is back in great shape, you really want to do your best to avoid rock chips in the future. Making this dream a reality is possible if you try to avoid poor road conditions as best you can.

If you happen to spot a sign that says loose gravel up ahead, maybe turn off and go a different way. You then improve your odds greatly of not having rocks get sent in your windshield's direction where force could cause chips to develop at the most inconvenient times.

Odds are, some time while driving you'll have rocks that hit your windshield, causing chips. They can be inconvenient to deal with but won't be that impactful if you approach the repair process in calculated ways as a motorist. Whatever you do, remember to not let these chips go unrepaired for too long.

For more information, contact a glass rock chip repair service today.