Glass: From Past, to Present, to Future

Upgrade Your Bathroom By Ditching The Tub And Installing A Shower Enclosure

If you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom, one of the biggest transformations you can make would be deciding to get rid of your old tub and curtain set up and install a glass shower enclosure instead. Shower enclosures can provide you and your family with a more premium bathroom experience that will make your life easier in a variety of ways. Here's why you should contact a local company or contractor that installs shower enclosures today.

Simple to Clean

Just about every homeowner out there with a tub and curtain setup has watched mold or mildew start to develop in between the folds on a shower curtain. Even if you try to wipe your curtain down with an anti-mildew spray after every shower, you might not get every nook or cranny. Cleaning glass, on the other hand, is much simpler. You'll be able to easily wipe down the entire smooth surface of the glass enclosure without missing a spot. This will keep mold and mildew at bay and lead to a healthier environment for everyone that uses your bathroom.

Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

If your bathroom feels or looks a little cramped, a glass enclosure is a great way to create at least the illusion of more space. This is because if you go with clear glass for the enclosure, anyone that glances into your bathroom will be able to see all the way to the wall, making your bathroom look bigger as a result. It simply creates a more premium feeling within the room and this will also may increase the value of your home.

No Water on the Floor

Shower curtains can technically stop water from getting out of the shower and onto the floor, but just about everyone has taken a shower where they forgot to close the curtain all the way and at least some water ended up outside the tub. This could create a dangerous situation if you have elderly people or someone else who is prone to slipping and falling living in your home. With a glass shower enclosure, you will obviously shut the glass door before you turn the water on and this will ensure that not one drop of water makes it outside the tub as you are washing yourself.

Contact a provider of shower enclosures or a local contractor today to discuss the next steps. A glass shower enclosure is easy to clean, can create a more spacious feel in your bathroom, and may also be safer for everyone in your home.