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4 Steps For An Easy Frameless Shower Door Installation

Frameless shower doors can make your bathroom seem bigger by giving you an unimpeded view of your shower area. Couples often find them romantic, and design aficionados love the sleek, modern appeal these doors offer. If you've decided a frameless shower door is right for you, follow this process for an easy installation.

1. Measure the area where you plan to put the door.

Your first step is carefully measuring the area where your frameless shower door will stand. You will need to measure the length of your shower opening as well as the height from your ceiling to the floor. If you're taking the measurements yourself, you'll want to use a stiff carpenter's tape measure that can be locked in place. Make sure to hold the tape measure perfectly straight to get an accurate measurement.

2. Order the right size.

Using the measurements you wrote down, you can now order the frameless glass door that is the correct size for your shower area. Remember that the shower door will need a little extra space for clearance both on the floor and against the ceiling. You will also have to accommodate for the space the door's hinges will occupy. If you doubt your ability to select the appropriate size on your own, contact a frameless shower door service. A representative can help you select a door that will fit the space you have available. If no such door exists, which is sometimes the case for custom showers, you can have a frameless shower door crafted to your specifications.

3. Choose aesthetically pleasing hardware.

Frameless shower doors require some hardware in order to hang correctly. The hardware allows your shower doors to slide or swing open. You can find hardware options in an array of different colors, including silver and gold. You also have the option of choosing matte or reflective hardware based on your aesthetic preferences.

4. Take advantage of frameless shower door services.

Installing a frameless shower door can be a complex process since there is usually some renovation required. In order to have a frameless shower door installed, you will first need to have your existing shower door and its framework removed. Your contractor can remove your old shower door and take it away for a fee. Once the area is clear, they can begin to install the frameless glass door you picked out.

To learn more, contact a company that offers frameless shower door services.