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Need Auto Glass Repair Or Replacement? Take A Look At Common FAQs

It may be just a crack or a chip, but damage to your windshield can compromise the safety of the unit and be a major nuisance while you drive. If you have intentions of getting your auto glass repaired or replaced, you likely have a few questions. Here is a look at some of the most common. 

What season or weather is best to have your auto glass replaced or repaired?

Naturally, it is best if you can pick a nice, warm day when it is not raining and not humid, as this is the ideal environment to do the work outdoors. However, if you are taking your car to a local repair shop for auto glass repair, it really will not matter what time of year or what type of weather it is. The work will be done indoors in a controlled environment so the absolute bests results can be achieved. Therefore, if you have a small area of damage, it is a much better idea to go ahead and get the work done before the damage spreads. 

Is it possible to have the windshield repaired at night?

Some people do only have one vehicle to rely on, and most auto glass experts will understand this. Therefore, it is not uncommon for some of the best service providers to offer late-night or even overnight repairs for basic windshield damages. This means you can drop off your vehicle when you won't be driving it and pick it up when you need it again and the work will be done. 

How long will the repair or replacement process take?

The process can take a different amount of time depending on the problem. Of course, a full windshield replacement is going to take longer to achieve. The adhesives and sealants have to dry for several hours before it is safe to drive the vehicle. Something like a basic chip or crack is usually a much faster repair process. Technicians have the tools it takes to perform these repairs quickly and efficiently so you probably won't have to wait long. 

Can you watch the repair process?

It is actually really neat to watch a windshield being repaired or replaced, and some repair centers make it possible to view the work through a window in a waiting room. Likewise, if you get mobile windshield repair, the work will be done on your property. so it will be perfectly fine to watch.